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by Luckie Newsdesk

The relationship between Luckie and Panama City Beach is less than a year old but has already helped achieve four consecutive months of double-digit growth for the destination. The success of the personalized, multi-media “Make It Yours” campaign Luckie created to highlight key differentiators for the Real. FUN. Beach. is being credited as a major contributor to the tourist boom. Overall numbers are up 14.8 percent overall for the fiscal year, and tourism numbers are up 14 percent as compared to May of 2016.

Using data and applied marketing science, the “Make It Yours” campaign crafted a message that not only set Panama City Beach apart from other travel destinations along the Gulf of Mexico, but from other travel segments entirely.

“When you talk to people that are passionate about Panama City Beach, they talk about it as a treasured, dynamic relationship,” Says Betsy Pendergast, director of strategic planning. “Our goal was to help different audience segments find their perfect match in Panama City Beach experiences all 12 months of the year.”

The “Make It Yours” campaign drives home what makes the Real. FUN. Beach. a unique destination. “By highlighting the variety of experiences available in Panama City Beach through different personas, we were able to make dynamic segmentation the differentiator in this campaign,” says Jana Leach, vice president of marketing for VisitPanamaCityBeach.com.

To reach targeted travelers seeking a more personalized vacation experience, Luckie used print, digital and social assets that spoke to four main personas: Eco-tourism for those wanting to experience Panama City’s natural environments above and below the water, a playground of possibilities for families to relax and unwind on the 27 miles of sugar white beaches, daring adventures for adrenaline junkies, and a romantic getaway for couples. Each piece of the campaign was tied together with music tracks customized for each persona.

“This campaign is an invitation to make PCB your Real. FUN. Beach,” says Stephanie Naman, vice president and creative director at Luckie. “Unique assets like Conto boxes, a fun quiz and a vacation video builder on the website highlight how a Panama City Beach vacation can be as unique as the person taking it.”

Since May, the “Make it Yours” campaign has driven 56.6 million impressions to the visit Panama City Beach site. It’s been tremendously successful in not only showcasing Panama City Beach’s most renowned characteristics but also its hidden treasures. Each visit is a real, fun, personal experience filled with moment’s tourists can make their own and memories they can share for a lifetime.

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Hello Humans. An interview with Brad White, Chief Creative Officer.

by Luckie Newsdesk

What’s a human experience agency without people? Say, “Hello, humans” and meet the experts behind the work.


For more information about Luckie Humans, or to hear more about our expertise, please visit Luckie.com or follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

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How to Cure Platform Anxiety

by Luckie Newsdesk

With so many platforms and places for customers to consume content, how do you know where to put your budget? How many platforms should you be on? How often should you post to these platforms? Where do you focus your attention to maximize your market spend? Platform anxiety is real, folks. But you can relax. Here are four easy ways to stress less and engage more.

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