Luckie Humans, Creative Hobbies and the Popularity of Podcasts

by Luckie Newsdesk

Have you ever finished a book and just had to talk about it with someone? Maybe you thought, “I should join a book club.” But then you remembered you’re more of a beer-drinking bookworm than wine-sipping suburbanite. Well, throw those book club stereotypes out the window and join the virtual book club #BookSquadGoals. Co-created by Luckie Creative Content Writer Susan Brown, #BookSquadGoals is a virtual book club that’s broadcast to listeners all across the country via podcast.

In recent years, podcasts have gained momentum as a disruptive medium. In fact, 24% of Americans ages 12 and up have listened to a podcast in the past month. To put that in perspective, the same percentage of Americans are active on Twitter. Susan and her friends Emily, Mary and Kelli have placed themselves in the center of the craze. “We were meeting online every few weeks to talk about our chosen books, and one day someone just said, ‘We should make this a podcast!’ Then we bought some recording equipment and made it happen,” explained Susan.

They read one book every four weeks and encourage listeners to read along with them. Then they record their discussion of the book and publish the episode for their audience to hear and enjoy. “It’s all discussion-based among the four of us,” said Susan. “But we also take questions from listeners, so they are always part of our discussion as well.”

As a writer at Luckie, Susan understands the importance of consuming content. “Reading benefits everyone in any job. The more content you consume, the better creator of content you will be,” she said. “As I become better at creating podcasts and blog content, I’m also becoming a better content writer and creative team member at Luckie.”

#BookSquadGoals produces a podcast every two weeks and supplements that content with weekly blog posts. “My favorite episode is our discussion of Kevin Wilson’s Perfect Little World,” said Susan. “This is where we started to feel like we were finally getting the hang of things and creating a rhythm for future episodes. I think this episode gives listeners a good idea of our four distinct personalities. I also like to think there are some pretty funny moments.”

Click the link below to listen to #BookSquadGoals’s latest podcast and read the blog.



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