Luckie & Company and Little Debbie Launch Moms of 7 a.m. Campaign

by Luckie Newsdesk

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Birmingham, Ala. – Luckie & Company, in partnership with McKee Foods, announces a new campaign that launched this year for Little Debbie. “Moms of 7 a.m.” showcases the typical mornings of three real families and aligns with the recent rebranding and relaunch of Little Debbie Mini Muffins (formerly Little Muffins). According to Luckie’s research, moms across America are curious about how other families spend their mornings. That insight drove and inspired the creation of the Moms of 7 a.m. concept.

The goal of the campaign was to get a glimpse of what mornings are really like in each family’s household and to capture content to be used for TV and digital media, social media, influencer campaigns and a new landing page on the Little Debbie website. The landing page features the Moms of 7 a.m. videos along with other Mini Muffins elements, such as a Muffin Man e-book and more information about the product.

In planning for the relaunch of Little Debbie Mini Muffins, Luckie considered what it means to be a mom in the morning hours. Through a blend of extensive quantitative and qualitative research with actual moms, Luckie got to the heart of what makes 7 a.m. a special time in households across America – not special in a sentimental way, but special in that there is a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time and usually everyone in the family is involved. The research and data were ultimately the catalyst behind the Moms of 7 a.m. concept and creative work.

“Moms of 7 a.m. is more than just an ad campaign; it is a cultural dialogue that every family is different,” said Betsy Pendergast, senior manager of consumer insights at Luckie. “We have different routines, backgrounds and stories, and we likely move through our mornings differently, but we want to celebrate American families and what makes 7 a.m. a special time in all of our households, whether the family featured behaves just like ours or completely differently.”

Based on the accompanying data and insights, Luckie searched to find interesting, diverse and energetic families willing to let us take a look at their morning rituals. From a pool of candidates, some of whom were sourced through social media and other channels, Luckie narrowed the campaign participants to three families.

“The work relies on real people and real, everyday moments,” said Creative Director Bob Harrison. “And while we captured some pretty funny morning shenanigans, ultimately it’s not about pure chaos but acceptance, balance and going with the flow. Peeling the curtain back on what other families’ mornings look like was interesting. Most of us are probably curious about how other people do their mornings, and this campaign allows us into a very intimate time with these families. We hope people will see a little of themselves in them and that it will spark conversation.”

Luckie captured interviews with the mom of each family, as well as the kids. They were asked questions about each other, their mornings and Little Debbie Mini Muffins. Moms of 7 a.m. launched in January 2017 and will continue through the year, with new content and videos released periodically.

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