Virtual Reality – The Next Level of Brand Storytelling

by Markus Beige

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Virtual reality (VR) affords a much deeper experience for users, making it an ideal vehicle to promote tourism. At the IFA in Berlin, Samsung invited people to an exciting VR world trip called Discover the World. Via VR headset, users were able to experience the African jungle, the Namibian desert, Iceland, Korea and the Holi festival in Kashmir, India. To deepen this visual experience, Samsung created a room where users were enveloped in misty rain, heat and cold, plus various scents to intensify the virtual travel experience. The Discover the World series will be available in October via the Samsung portal. Other brands will also be able to upload their content to this platform. Etihad, for example, shows its VR flight featuring Nicole Kidman.

The German brands BMW and Lufthansa, among others, have signaled their intent to upload content to the site to promote their products and services. Media platforms such as The New York Times, The Guardian and ABC are also experimenting with journalistic VR storytelling.

The tourism industry in particular should make use of this new and upcoming technology to create more immersive experiences that show off what destinations have to offer. Low-cost VR headsets make it increasingly more affordable for users to experience virtual reality through their own smartphones, which in turn makes it easier for brands to serve up VR content to a much broader audience.

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