Luckie Redesigns Yogurt Mountain Website To Capture Customer Experience

by April Wilson

Yogurt Mountain is not your typical frozen yogurt shop. The vibrant stores are themed with a distinct green and purple color palette and mosaic wall while energetic music plays in the background. Customers can choose from a variety of rotating flavors and toppings to create their own yogurt masterpiece — a growing trend in our culture of self-customization. Every visit is a unique customer experience that leaves you wanting more.

When Luckie & Co. was charged with creating a new website for Yogurt Mountain, we made sure that online users would enjoy an equally unique and engaging experience. Our goal was to take a contemporary approach to overall design and create a site that would be inviting (like the stores), rich (like the flavors) and fresh (like the toppings). Through months of planning and hard work, we did just that.


Yogurt Mountain is a national frozen yogurt chain established in 2009 by David Kahn. Yogurt Mountain’s wide variety of fat-free, low fat, gluten free, dairy free and no sugar added yogurts are all kosher certified, so you don’t have to feel bad about indulging in a quick treat. Frozen yogurt franchises are popping up all over the country and becoming one of the most popular places for a sweet treat. In this competitive industry, Yogurt Mountain is striving to not only offer a unique customer experience but also be the “The Starbucks of Frozen Treats.”

However, their website needed a revamp in order to imitate the in-store experience on the site, provide information for prospective franchisees and be more user friendly.

For instance,  the growing trend of mobile technology called for a responsive Web design that adapts to different browser and device sizes. Our developers created the page layouts to adjust to the size of the browser, detecting and automatically displaying the full or mobile page.

Along with an adapting design, the elements across the website were made to have a fresh, clean look. On the flavors page, for example, the side bar lists the categories of yogurts and when you click a specific type, the flavor photos shuffle and rearrange themselves to fit their category. This gives a more engaging and efficient design for the transitioning flavors. Selecting a specific flavor provides you with a photo, nutritional information and very charming taste description. Not only does it look fresh, it sounds fresh too. Coconut:  “Aloha! No airfare necessary to enjoy the dreamy taste of this tropical treat.”

The YOMO Club (formerly The Birthday Club) is also new to the website. It allows for fun integration of customer relationship management via email signups. By joining the YOMO Club, members will receive free yogurt on their birthdays as well as special offers, coupons and the latest YOMO news.

The Hall of Fame is also a fun way for Yogurt Mountain to learn what consumers enjoy. Social media integration allows customers to take pictures of their yogurt creations and share them with Yogurt Mountain via Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. A few standout concoctions will be selected for display in The Hall of Fame for everyone to see, allowing consumers to be inspired by the impressive creations.

Providing prospective franchisee information is a main objective of Yogurt Mountain’s new website. Clicking for more information displays a video of what the stores look like and background history of the chain. Testimonials of successful franchisees provide an inspiring look at what goes into making a chain successful. There is a map showing which states are eligible for franchises and available states with existing stores. Interested parties can request a form for even more information and a downloadable franchise application. Giving potential franchisees information on what they would be investing in is a way to ensure the more than 40 locations keep moving and growing.

Yogurt Mountain’s website redesign was not only a unique undertaking, but also one that we are sure customers and fans will be satisfied with. A responsive and adapting design, unique integration of CRM and energetic content have helped shaped our efforts. We believe the fun, exciting in-store experience has been properly reflected in the website. To compare the two for yourself visit and visit a store near you!

April Wilson is a Digital Content Coordinator at Luckie & Company. You can contact her by email or follow her on Twitter.

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