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Riding the Changing Tide of Design Technology. The Luckie 7 with Miles Wright, Senior Art Director

by Luckie Newsdesk

Miles Wright Luckie 7 Headshot

Technological advancements are one of the constants in the advertising world. From the advent of using computers for design projects to the introduction of the internet’s limitless store of information, this senior art director has seen it all. While staying ahead of the digital learning curve can be daunting, Miles Wright knows that the secret to design success is embracing the ever-evolving technology and harnessing its capabilities – all while keeping the human element at the forefront of imagination and creativity. Continue reading

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What Top Social Media Managers Have in Common and Why You Should Thank Them

by Luckie Newsdesk

Community management is the attempt to engage with, cultivate, nurture and monitor a given audience to build your social media presence.

At Luckie, we pride ourselves on being able to get our clients closer to their customers. It’s kind of our thing. And that expertise takes many shapes and forms throughout our agency. We marry smart data and insights with creativity on a daily basis within different departments. But perhaps one of the most elemental ways we help our clients get to know their customers (as well as create a connection with them) is through our work in social media. Continue reading

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Squashing bugs by thinking outside the box. The Luckie 7 with Jillian Ryan, Junior Quality Assurance Analyst

by Luckie Newsdesk

Luckie 7 with Jillian Ryan

Quality Assurance is more than just preventing errors and checking for bugs. It’s one more of many ways Luckie ensures that we deliver excellence to our clients time after time. When Luckie develops and launches a website for a client, QA is a crucial component in that process. Finding hidden problem spots in a site requires creative thinking, which in turn necessitates a person who is able to bring innovative techniques to the practice. We talked to Jillian Ryan, Luckie’s Junior QA Analyst, about how she keeps pace in an ever-changing digital world and how she brings creativity and collaboration to the world of QA. Continue reading

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