Making moving pictures more moving. The Luckie 7 with John Hunter, Senior Editor/Director of Photography

by Luckie Newsdesk

John Hunter

Collaboration is a very natural human activity. Most of us seek others’ ideas, opinions and capabilities in an effort to make things better. Yet when it comes to marketing, video production is often conducted in a vacuum. It can end up being the last step in a lengthy and painstaking process, where outsiders (previously uninvolved in the project) suddenly become instrumental in creating the final product. But imagine the synergistic benefits of bringing the production team into the loop much earlier so that they actually own the vision before making it reality. The resulting difference can be dramatic. We talked to John Hunter, Luckie’s Senior Editor/Director of Photography, about all things video, including his take on in-house production – and the immeasurable value of collaboration. Continue reading

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Virtual Reality – The Next Level of Brand Storytelling

by Markus Beige

VR Page Header

Virtual reality (VR) affords a much deeper experience for users, making it an ideal vehicle to promote tourism. At the IFA in Berlin, Samsung invited people to an exciting VR world trip called Discover the World. Via VR headset, users were able to experience the African jungle, the Namibian desert, Iceland, Korea and the Holi festival in Kashmir, India. To deepen this visual experience, Samsung created a room where users were enveloped in misty rain, heat and cold, plus various scents to intensify the virtual travel experience. The Discover the World series will be available in October via the Samsung portal. Other brands will also be able to upload their content to this platform. Etihad, for example, shows its VR flight featuring Nicole Kidman. Continue reading

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