The Luckie 7: Why Media Matters with Eunice Carter, VP/Media Director

by Luckie Newsdesk


Our own Eunice Carter has spent over two decades aggressively ascending the ranks of media planning and buying roles for full-service and media-specific agencies, working with such notable brands as General Mills, Huffy Bicycles, YellaWood and Volkswagen, to name a few. Here at Luckie, she’s all about working with her team to elevate skill sets, digital proficiency and professional growth, clearly demonstrating to all the extraordinary value of media in marketing. She’s got a keen eye for strategy, she’s well skilled in helping brands navigate troubled waters and the word “impossible” might actually be missing from her vocabulary. We got her seasoned perspective on just a few elements of the wide world of media. Continue reading

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Healthcare, Trust and the Power of Influencer Marketing

by Luckie Newsdesk


 “Mom, how do you know if what you read on the Internet is true?”

This was a question asked by my 7-year-old son from the backseat of the car one day after school. It’s a question both marketers and consumers are grappling with, and in answering it, the conversation quickly turns – as it did with my son – to the topic of trust.

 Online environments have gotten to the point where they’re able to influence just about every area of our lives, even the most personal ones, such as our health. With vast amounts of information at our fingertips, it’s important – as consumers – that we get the information we need from sources we trust. These sources could be anything from friends and family members on social networks to blogs or other sites that we regularly subscribe to, and they have the power to impact what we do or do not purchase. We rely on these personal recommendations, sometimes in lieu of corporate or branded information, to make what we feel are the best decisions for our families, because there’s trust within those relationships. Continue reading

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The Luckie 7: A sit-down with Gavin Johnston, VP/Brand Planning

by Luckie Newsdesk


With 19 years of experience in brand consulting, strategic planning and consumer research, it’s safe to say Gavin understands brands, because he understands people. Here at Luckie, Gavin’s expertise helps bring the human experience to the heart of our marketing and advertising. That’s why we chose to pick his brain for our latest Luckie 7 to get insight on how brand planning can help uncover a deeper human truth. Continue reading

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