Don Draper is dead – and he’s never coming back.

by Hillary Quinlan

HillHappyWhen I think about how we’ve marketed healthcare plans, promotions and pharmaceuticals to patients and doctors over the past 50 years, I feel ashamed and, quite frankly, a bit hung over.

We understood the science of the medicine just enough to speak to it, the market just enough to break into it, and the bottom line so well we really believed we were contributing to a higher cause. We were the healthcare and pharmaceutical ad men of our time – the “medical mercenaries” – and the only ones who could bridge the gap between formulary, physician, and patient.

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What makes us human?

by Laura Long


It’s a question the leaders of our agency asked us to think about. I took this seriously as I dug deep to understand what makes me human, or feel human. Continue reading

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What’s new?

by John Gardner


It’s a little dangerous to ask what’s new at Luckie these days because you’re likely to get an earful from some very enthusiastic people on our team. We are extremely excited about what’s going on here and how it’s impacting our clients and their customers. It’s big news for us. And perhaps big news for you.

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