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The Brainpower Behind the Brand: 7 steps to carry big data through the campaign process

by Luckie Newsdesk

The one thing we can always assume when developing a marketing campaign is to never assume anything. And with data-driven insights, we no longer have to. According to one estimate, big data will have a $15 trillion impact on the world economy by 2030. Opportunities abound to access information on consumer habits and preferences, product acceptance and campaign effectiveness. But there is still a human element to each moving part of a campaign and every piece of data. Follow these seven steps to help find the right data, understand it and work as a team to bring big data down to a human level.

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Hello Humans. An Interview with Maree Jones, Publicity and Communications Specialist

by Maree Jones

What’s a human experience agency without people? Say, “Hello, humans” and meet the experts behind the work.

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How Travelers Use Pinterest vs. Instagram and Why It Matters to Marketers

by Maree Jones

Right now, many social media channels are starting to borrow heavily from one another. Several have introduced stories, live capabilities and other features to help individuals and marketers plan content and push it to their audiences. And while at first glance it might seem like all social networks are becoming the same, the exact opposite is true.

Platforms are borrowing from one another, but they’re also consciously developing their own identities. These identities establish a difference between social channels by helping users know which features work best at various stages in the customer journey on a particular platform.

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